Friday, July 24, 2009


Let me start off this blog by introducing myself. I am a 12 year NE Minneapolis resident. I love Minneapolis. LOVE IT. I also! I will admit - I am not your regular "foodie." I have never tasted foie gras. I cook much better in pairs. I don't know much about when anything is in season. But I have had sashimi, plantains, tempura sweet potatoes, e.t.c. And regardless of any of this -I am introspective and verbose about food. And maybe even...passionate. I have not grown up foodie-like, nor did I have farmer parents or any of that. I grew up on Hamburger Helper, Mac and Cheese e.t.c. I am not above a bar burger or Taco Bell. Doesn't matter. I admit, I am a late bloomer. I am really just trying to hone my blogging chops at this point, so please be kind. But I can learn just as much about food and blogging now, as I could have then. Which brings me here. To share my dining and food experiences with you, the foodie's, the average consumer, and the curious alike.


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