Friday, November 12, 2010

Sticks Restaurant - Minneapolis

Sticks is connected to the wonderful Acme Comedy Club. They are known for having pretty great dinner/show packages, which I have taken advantage of in the past. I found out last minute that my FAVORITE comedian Emo Phillips was performing, so I was all over it!

Mr. H, myself and Ms. K piled in the car and off we went to the late showing. We each purchased a dinner/show package which works like this: $30 per person for the show, and up to $16 towards any entree on the menu. The best part is that you can simply call and make a reservation, then pay at the door when you arrive. They're never too busy, as I have never been turned down or redirected to a different time slot. You also get reserved seating, which is usually fairly close to the front. Basically, you pay for your own booze, or any difference in a higher priced entree. The entrees are anywhere from $13-$23, and they also have appetizers and dessert. The decor is quite elegant and romantic, with white tablecloths, dim lighting, and candles. The exposed brick and wood, complete with fireplace completes the ambience.

We three arrived, and ordered drinks. The drink menu has a few wines, and an assortment of specialty cocktails, martinis, and scotches. The alcohol isn't the cheapest, at around $8 a pop for a martini or specialty drink. I ordered the Red Apple Martini, which came in a small-ish martini glass and was good, but not great. Sticks menu is simple without being boring. I ordered the Grilled 8 oz. Angus Sirloin ( $16), and my company ordered the Seafood Linguine ($17.50) and the Mushroom Ravioli ($15.) They do serve a warm bread basket, which was perfectly standard.

8 oz Angus SirloinOk, so I don't get the whole meat-laying-on-top-of-a-knife thing. But whatever. This dish was excellent. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium, a seasoned crust was successfully achieved, and the meat was succulent. The potatoes were simple and fantastic, just 2 red potatoes cooked soft and lightly seasoned. The vegetables contained a lot of onions and zucchini, making it not my favorite but not terrible either. I was very pleased with this - it was well balanced, well composed and exquisite.

Mushroom Ravioli (Roasted Portabella, Shiitake and Crimini Mushrooms with Caramelized Onions, Mozzarella and Grana Padano Cheese Wrapped in Egg Ravioli, Served in a Marsala Mushroom Cream Sauce.)

Ok, so I know it looks like this thing has a mound of greasy cheese on it. Looks are deceiving! And admittedly, I was hesitant to try this because I don't care for mushrooms. But I folded and tried a bite, and oh my HEAVENS... it was pillowy, mushroomy, creamy, saucey DELIGHT. The cream sauce is rich and deep, the earth and meatiness of the mushrooms melt in your mouth, and the ravioli itself is pillowy but firm. This dish alone has almoooost turned me to mushrooms, as I will order it the next 3 places I dine that offer it. This dish was rich and satisfying, without being over the top and clingy. Was it the Grana Padano?? Who knows? I loved it.

Seafood Linguine - the picture of this didn't come out.Sorry!!
(Black Tiger Shrimp, Scallops, Little Neck Clams and Mussels, Sautéed with White Wine, Fresh Garlic, Seafood Broth and Plum Tomatoes.)

I was a little surprised when this arrived to the table swimming in red sauce. The description is a little misleading, as the sauce was a little spicy, and very marinara-like. It was a good red sauce, but overall this fell a little flat for me. I was expecting something light, fresh, with toothsome ocean aspects here and there. It wasn't any of those.

We finished in time to get to the show, even though they have a creme brulee cheesecake (my two favorite desserts EVER) that I MUST try when I go back.

-The atmosphere- mellow and romantic.
-The service was spot on - not too soon or too long, and our waiter was down to earth and not annoying.
-The sirloin steak
-The awesome, off the hook mushroom ravioli

Not so greats
-Drinks are expensive and not worth the price (small, weak, etc)
-The description of the linguine was a bit off what we actually got..
The starter salad is nothing special.

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