Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Lowry, Happy Hour - South Minneapolis

Finding a good happy hour takes some digging. The afternoon/early evening 430-6 PM $1 off taps and rails may be convenient for the working class, but I demand more from a happy hour. What I want is accessibility to items/places I wouldn't normally be able to afford. I also prefer a later running happy hour, since drinking and eating at 4 PM isn't realistic for me, even on my day off.  Even though I have been to The Lowry many times before, it was never on happy hour. Since they offer one that goes from 4-7 PM EVERY SINGLE DAY, I went there to end a busy day of record shopping.

Let me first mention that I initially wanted to check out Bar Abilene's happy hour, but it was the Vikings vs Packers game and to say the least, it was noisy and crowded there at 6 PM. Moving onto the Lowry, it was bustling but contained a much more mellow game-vibe, and I grabbed the one open seat at the bar.

I had wine on the brain (surprise) and was pleased they offer a thoughtful , small selection of $4, $5, and $6 wines by the glass. My first choice was the Cartilidge and Brown Pinot Noir. The pours are not generous, but not so small that paying $4 a glass for it is insulting.

I had already had a few sips before the picture, so the total pour is almost half a glass. I loved this Pinot. it was fruity, light and smooth on the palate. It was exactly what I had hoped for.

The happy hour menu varies, but always includes deviled eggs for $1. That means 1 whole egg, divided into half, is a buck. I ordered 2.

I can't say anything about these that I haven't already said. They're pretty much any deviled egg lovers dream. I've had them many times, and only one of those times were they off. Too salty. This time they were seamless, producing the eggy-mustardy-salty flavors that are classic to deviled eggs. Creamy and smooth, the addition of the little salty crisp of the bacon lend a slight contrast that is harmonious. Catch a pinch of the cayenne while slip sliding through the garlic aioli, and you'll get the backbone you want if you enjoy that sort of integrity.

Who doesn't like wings? I've (shamefully) only had a few versions throughout the Twin Cities, so I chose these based on 60% curiosity, 40% hunger.

I did not know they were fried, nor did I know they served a full 12 wings for $6. Both were pleasant surprises, as they were delicately crispy and so plump and meaty, I could almost convert to fried versions permanently. I asked the bartender what the dipping sauce was. The Lowry couldn't possibly serve RANCH with their wings...right? Not only do they, but it's homemade. And they add lemon juice to it, which gives it a clean, bright pop of flavor to the wings. Perfection.

I had no idea how much FOOD I would be be receiving. After eating 4 deviled eggs, and 5 wings, I was stuffed. I had to have one more glass of wine (Ugly Duck cabernet sauvignon - $5) while I listened to the cheer as the Vikings won the playoffs. And I didn't mind it one bit.

The only small complaint would be the service. I was at the bar, and there were 2 bartenders. It took me around 5 minutes to order my drink, and then after that around 15 minutes to get my food order in! Good thing I got there early enough to take advantage of happy hour.

My total bill: $18.54. For food that could have easily been shared. Happy Hour go to, locked and sealed.

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  1. Ooh, I've never been to the Lowry! Those wings look amazing!! You've sold me, definitely want to go sometime soon!